"I'm a local independent candidate for Mallee and I would love to show you how I'd bring new life into politics and represent you and the community we cherish.


Here is why I'm running and my drive to be your representative"

Cecilia is LOCAL


I was born in Birchip, and I grew up in Watchem as part of a network of an extended family with farming heritage based in north-central Victoria. I grew up and, in turn, have raised my family on a farm, as part of a rural community.

My professional experience includes commercial food and fibre production, land and water stewardship, rural, regional and remote community capacity building, corporate governance, and the delivery of education and allied health services in rural, regional and remote areas of Australia. I hold an Honours Degree in Social Science from Bond University.

As I’ve helped to feed and educate six children on an average Growing season Rainfall of 250 mm, I view all problems as having a solution. I’m policy driven, and I can use my voice, so that decision makers listen. I’m not a ‘retail’ politician; rather, I’m a practical person who works collaboratively to achieve outcomes that improve the lives of people living and working in regional areas.
I'm familiar with most areas in the Mallee electorate as I travelled extensively across the constituency in my previous roles as 1995 ABC Rural Woman of the Year, Mallee Catchment Management Authority Board Member, a participant in The Australian Rural Leadership program and Telstra Board Member. I understand the immediate and long-term issues encountered by farming families, regional businesses and community organisations.

I will contest the seat of Mallee as the incumbent, Hon Andrew Broad, is retiring at the 2019 election.



I’m standing as an Independent to offer voters in the Mallee electorate a real choice for representation on issues that matter to them. I’m running because our Coalition government has let us down. Australians are concerned about the numerous royal commissions, state of the Murray Darling Basin, floods, fires and snow across the continent, fisticuffs in Parliament House, and the Coalition Government losing the vote in the House of Representatives for the first time in 70 years. Australians are aware that their parliament is not serving the needs of ordinary people. I can offer the Mallee a new Independent way of doing politics.

“I’m running because I’m concerned our current politicians lack the integrity, vision and leadership necessary to address the major challenges facing rural Australia - climate change, energy generation and distribution, fair and accountable management of water assets, transport and communication infrastructure for rural electorates, in addition to improved health, education and employment outcomes in regional areas.”

Political parties are no longer effective vehicles for participation and representation. A diverse crossbench is an asset for democracy in this country. Focused on the needs of the people in the Mallee electorate, your local Independent can speak up on issues that affect Western Victoria without constraint by Party positions influenced by corporate donors.

Using reliable data as a basis for the conversation, rural people can speak openly about the challenges facing Regional Australia, and work collaboratively to apply practical remedies.

Cecilia is EFFECTIVE


I’m standing as your Independent candidate in the seat of Mallee. As your local Parliamentary representative, I will cultivate a realistic view of the world based on facts and build on the progress we have made. My focus will be on agriculture and small business as I contribute to the implementation of both a strategic plan and a drought plan for regional Australia.

I will engage effectively with the people in the Mallee electorate and connect with the sensible centre to develop policy which accounts for the national importance and the need for equality of services for country people.

An independent can represent the voice of Mallee effectively on the floor of Parliament.

Together we can ensure the optimal use of resources and drive sensible policy with productive outcomes for communities working and living in our beautiful region.

You can help the Mallee have a strong Independent voice.

Go to Moar for Mallee and join the campaign.


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